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The 14 th Metal + Metallurgy China 2016

On May 17, 2016, the 14th China international foundry expo was held in Beijing! XinYan’s booth area is 312 square meters, XinYan’s GM Mr Li attended the event with sales team members and technical personnel .For the company to further expand intermediate frequency furnace and pouring furnace market open up channels.

In this exhibition ,We brought 1.5 T Non-Heated Pouring Furnace, 2.5 T Coreless Pressurized Furnace , 5t Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace and 3 T, 2250KW, 300HZ Medium Frequency Dual Output Power Supply. Which be worth what carry is pouring machine, its system of laser technology, can make pouring more accurate and fast, the maximum efficiency. At the same time we upgrade the existing technique and technology of the casting furnace, to improve performance on the basis of the original casting furnace were caused by the old system downtime.

In the four days of exhibition, XinYan industrial signed contract on the spot, expressed the good wish of everyone development hand in hand, create brilliant.

The 14th Metal + Metallurgy China 2016 has a successful ending in Beijing, but XinYan industrial will never stop, let's hope!

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